What is a Radiologist?

Have you ever wondered what a Radiologist does? Do you know about the equipment Radiologists use? What do Radiologists do all day? Join us for a conversation with some of UCSF’s Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Team. We will touch on several topics like: What is Radiology? How do you become a Radiologist? What do we […]

Nanotechnology and Engineering for Medicine

Join us for a virtual tour of a UCSF Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences lab where researchers use nanoscale technologies to create new and improved ways to deliver medicine to target sites in the body and to enable the body to heal itself. The Desai Lab tackles important challenges in biomedicine, including research on diseases such […]

Dancing Radiation Robot!

In this virtual tour, we will provide a sneak peek of the UCSF Radiation Oncology Department. We will demonstrate a robotic-based linear accelerator used for radiation treatment of cancer and show how it delivers radiation (and dances)! What does a medical physicist do? What are their roles in radiology and oncology at hospitals? And how […]

Defeating Neurodegeneration: Virtual Career Panel and Tour

Join our diverse panel of Denali Scientists, as they discuss their journey from student to industry professional. Learn about how they chose their career paths and what majors, interests, and/or life factors influenced their way to a career in drug discovery/development for brain diseases. Experience a virtual lab tour of Denali Therapeutics, taking a sneak […]

Your immune system in health and disease

The human immune system is comprised of white blood cells and their cousins in various tissues. It fights off infections by viruses, microbes, and parasites, and is increasingly recognized for additional roles in causing, exacerbating, or preventing a wide variety of diseases — ranging from inflammatory bowel disease, allergy, asthma, and atherosclerosis to cancer and […]

Virtual Tour of Robotics Genome Editing Lab

The Laboratory for Genomics Research at UCSF works on building and scaling up CRISPR-based genome editing tools and cell engineering approaches. Join this virtual tour and see a fully automated high-throughput cell culture system with self-contained robotic arms to access the incubator, microscope, liquid handler, and other equipment.

3D Printing & Silicone Casting Demonstration

Join the UCSF Library’s Makers Lab for a live, virtual demonstration. Learn how 3D printing and silicone casting are being used to create models for UCSF faculty, students, and researchers. The demonstration will be like a cooking show – but for health sciences projects! View the technology in action, learn about projects at UCSF, and […]

Being a Radiologist – Learn to read X-rays!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have x-ray vision? A radiologist gets to use this superpower every day! By using a special camera, they are able to take a picture of your insides to look at your bones, organs, and muscles. Join us for a conversation with some of UCSF’s Radiology and Biomedical […]

What’s Infecting Us? Laboratory Detection of Pathogens in the Current Era

Nearly all infectious diseases need laboratory testing for diagnosis and treatment. This event will cover the standards of clinical microbiology techniques, from traditional microscopy to the latest molecular diagnostics. From there, we will transition into the research laboratory to see how research on Trypanosoma cruzi, the etiologic agent of Chagas disease, is being used to […]