About Us

The Bay Area Science Festival is Northern California’s largest education event and brings together STEM role models, families, youth and adults to experience the wonder of science.

Since 2011, the Science & Health Education Partnership at UCSF has been thrilled to organize the Bay Area Science Festival in collaboration with Bay Area universities, museums, cultural institutions, libraries, corporations, after-school groups, research labs and government agencies.

The Festival is designed to engage attention, inspire interest, and ignite imagination across our community. Now more than ever, it’s a way for people of all ages to connect with science and discover the infinite ways it shapes our daily lives and our future.

Students hold up images for Let's Discovery Science Together "cellfie" booth

The Festival seeks to:

  • Raise awareness of science in everyday life.
  • Engage young people in the fun, excite­ment and awe of science to inspire them to careers in science, technology, and engineering.
  • Encourage partnership and collaboration between the STEM community and the public..
  • Increase dialogue about STEM and its place in our quickly-changing world.
  • Enlighten science-lovers around the globe about the Bay Area’s vast STEM resources and positive impact on people’s lives.

Bay Area Sceince Festival 2022 Overview

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The Bay Area Science Festival is part of the Science Festival Alliance, the professional association in the U.S. dedicated exclusively to more and better science and technology festivals.

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