Wildfire From Space

Join the KQED Climate desk for an immersive look at the startling spread of wildfires using satellite imagery from Planet Labs to show us what happens before and after a burn and understand its patterns. Learn how the latest in satellite technology helps agencies and communities mitigate the threat of fires and manage emergency response […]

How to Bioblitz

April 29-May 2 is the City in Nature Challenge, a global citizen science event that invites people all over the world to explore their local environment using the app iNaturalist. In leadup to the event, Candlestick Point State Recreation Area will be hosting two virtual trainings on how to use iNaturalist, tips and tricks for […]

Protegiendo y rehabilitando Aves de rapiña locales

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley le invitamos a un curso educativa en espanol donde estariamos hablando sobre aves de rapina locales tal como el halcon, aguilas y buhos. Hablaremos de como ellos pueden ayudar al medio ambiente y como rehabilitamos animales salvajes que se encuentran enfermos, lastimados o huerfanos en area de bahia. Nos pueden […]

Nanotechnology and Engineering for Medicine

Join us for a virtual tour of a UCSF Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences lab where researchers use nanoscale technologies to create new and improved ways to deliver medicine to target sites in the body and to enable the body to heal itself. The Desai Lab tackles important challenges in biomedicine, including research on diseases such […]

Virtual Tour of Robotics Genome Editing Lab

The Laboratory for Genomics Research at UCSF works on building and scaling up CRISPR-based genome editing tools and cell engineering approaches. Join this virtual tour and see a fully automated high-throughput cell culture system with self-contained robotic arms to access the incubator, microscope, liquid handler, and other equipment.

3D Printing & Silicone Casting Demonstration

Join the UCSF Library’s Makers Lab for a live, virtual demonstration. Learn how 3D printing and silicone casting are being used to create models for UCSF faculty, students, and researchers. The demonstration will be like a cooking show – but for health sciences projects! View the technology in action, learn about projects at UCSF, and […]

Before the Curtain Rises: How Do You Make A Film About Science?

Long before a film hits the big screen, Netflix, or YouTube, it begins as a nebulous idea, to be formed, challenged, and morphed into a multimedia experience. Films about science carry an extra challenge — telling stories about complicated topics and elements invisible to the human eye. How do you turn microbes into movie stars? […]

What’s Infecting Us? Laboratory Detection of Pathogens in the Current Era

Nearly all infectious diseases need laboratory testing for diagnosis and treatment. This event will cover the standards of clinical microbiology techniques, from traditional microscopy to the latest molecular diagnostics. From there, we will transition into the research laboratory to see how research on Trypanosoma cruzi, the etiologic agent of Chagas disease, is being used to […]