SOLD OUT: Dive in with DOER

Visit the Deep Ocean Exploration and Research (DOER) facility where underwater robotics, submersibles, and subsea systems are designed, engineered, built, and tested before being deployed on missions around the world. Learn about the type of work the vehicles do and the kinds of people who use them. Please Note: DOER is family friendly but closed-toed, […]

SOLD OUT: Earth Day Climate Action

California State Parks Foundation will be hosting a special Earth Day Climate Action workday at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area. This special workday will focus on invasive plant removal that will help our urban state park become more climate resilient in the face of the ever-present threats of climate change. Earth Day is widely recognized […]

Youth Take Climate Action: Lafayette Park

Healing the land and our communities, Youth Take Climate Action is part of a citywide Youth Service Day. Join us for a children & family STEM service day stewarding Lafayette Park. San Francisco Department of the Environment’s Education team and SF Rec and Park will host climate-focused service projects and lead STEM-focused activities including habitat […]

SOLD OUT: Grey Water and Wetlands: The EcoCenter’s Wastewater Treatment System

The EcoCenter is an off the grid, self-sustaining educational facility and recreational center. It features a wastewater treatment system, a living roof, interior construction based from recycled materials, and a solar panel system. Our programs focus on educating the public about the EcoCenter’s Green Features and exploring environmental justice themes through the history of the […]

Science of Bubbles

Discover the Science of Bubbles at Quest Science Center’s [email protected]’s Park series. Experience a dozen hands-on soap bubble activities, along with performances and competitions. Learn about the science behind surface tension, soap solutions, and special ingredients to make gigantic and colorful bubbles. Explorers of all ages are welcome at this community drop-in event.

Rockin’ Around Stanford

Take a geological walking tour of Stanford’s campus! Meet geologists at Stanford and learn about some of the tools they use when they go “out to the field” to investigate rocks. Then we’ll head out on our walk, where we’ll spend time exploring the rocks that make up several of the buildings and sculptures on […]

Nanotechnology and Engineering for Medicine

Join us for a virtual tour of a UCSF Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences lab where researchers use nanoscale technologies to create new and improved ways to deliver medicine to target sites in the body and to enable the body to heal itself. The Desai Lab tackles important challenges in biomedicine, including research on diseases such […]

Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton

Join the San Francisco Microscopical Society and an Education & Outreach Specialist for NOAA’s Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries on a Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton Exploration of San Francisco Bay. This virtual event will explore elements of biology, oceanography, and microscopy. We will use microscopy to highlight and share the beauty and […]

Axolotls and Hummingbirds: Animals of Mexico with KQED’s Deep Look

What do hummingbirds and axolotls have in common? They were both revered by Mexico’s ancient civilizations and have deep symbolism that has carried over into today’s modern world. Join Deep Look, KQED’s wildlife series about small animals and plants, for a special virtual screening exploring these two very unique creatures and meet scientists who study […]

Liquid Sunlight and Artificial Photosynthesis: The Future of Solar Materials

Learn about the promise and challenges of creating liquid fuels from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Scientists at Berkeley Lab’s Liquid Sunlight Alliance (LiSA) are working to overcome the technological and scientific challenges that stand in the way of fully realizing these eco-friendly sources of the fuels and materials that still underpin our economies. Researchers will […]