Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton

Join the San Francisco Microscopical Society and an Education & Outreach Specialist for NOAA’s Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries on a Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton Exploration of San Francisco Bay. This virtual event will explore elements of biology, oceanography, and microscopy. We will use microscopy to highlight and share the beauty and […]

Your immune system in health and disease

The human immune system is comprised of white blood cells and their cousins in various tissues. It fights off infections by viruses, microbes, and parasites, and is increasingly recognized for additional roles in causing, exacerbating, or preventing a wide variety of diseases — ranging from inflammatory bowel disease, allergy, asthma, and atherosclerosis to cancer and […]

Oh Behave! Changing the Way We React to Bias & Discrimination

Can we really tackle bias and discrimination? Dive into the research with Asst. Professor Eason, UC Berkeley Psychologist, to demystify why prejudice and bias have persisted for so long. Understand the impacts of our “representational landscapes”, such as why folks like Native Americans and queer people get left out of our national narratives or how […]

Starship Reality-check: The Science of Deep Space Travel

The stars beckon. But humans evolved to survive on Earth, not to hurtle through space. For long-duration travel – interplanetary and, even, interstellar – what spacecraft accommodations are necessary? Is on-board human hibernation an option? Might we overcome the problems of space radiation and prolonged weightlessness? Finally, scientists may argue that the ideal craft for […]

Explore Physics at UC Berkeley

Find out what it’s like to study physics at UC Berkeley, what the world of research looks like, what the most interesting breakthroughs in physics have been, and get a personal overview of the community at UC Berkeley. Physics students will explain some interesting physics concepts, from quarks and subatomic particles to the universe and […]

Before the Curtain Rises: How Do You Make A Film About Science?

Long before a film hits the big screen, Netflix, or YouTube, it begins as a nebulous idea, to be formed, challenged, and morphed into a multimedia experience. Films about science carry an extra challenge — telling stories about complicated topics and elements invisible to the human eye. How do you turn microbes into movie stars? […]

Protecting and Rehabilitating Local Raptors

Join the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley (WCSV) for an educational talk about local raptor species, issues that affect our local birds of prey, simple ways you can help at home in your neighborhood, and what WCSV does to rehabilitate sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife in the Bay Area. Bring your questions about raptors, and/or […]