Wildfire From Space

Join the KQED Climate desk for an immersive look at the startling spread of wildfires using satellite imagery from Planet Labs to show us what happens before and after a burn and understand its patterns. Learn how the latest in satellite technology helps agencies and communities mitigate the threat of fires and manage emergency response […]

Ask a Science Envoy: Robot Learning & Toad Navigation

Wonderfest Science Envoys are early-career researchers with special communication skills and aspirations. Join us for two engaging short talks on provocative modern science topics. Session 1:  Machine Learning in Robots Join UC Berkeley computer scientist Dr. Ellen Novoseller and learn how robots use machine learning algorithms to behave properly in uncertain surroundings. In this talk, […]


大家好,歡迎你們來參加矽谷野生動物救護中心(簡稱WCSV)舉辦的教育講座。我們將會用國語介紹附近的各種野禽,和一些問題可能會影響它們的生存,一些簡單的方法我們在家可以幫忙它們。 我們還會介紹WCSV的職責-是一個中心負責照顧生病的, 受傷的或者是被遺棄的野生動物。歡迎大家提出任何問題有關於野禽或者是附近的野生動物。

Protegiendo y rehabilitando Aves de rapiña locales

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley le invitamos a un curso educativa en espanol donde estariamos hablando sobre aves de rapina locales tal como el halcon, aguilas y buhos. Hablaremos de como ellos pueden ayudar al medio ambiente y como rehabilitamos animales salvajes que se encuentran enfermos, lastimados o huerfanos en area de bahia. Nos pueden […]

Ask the Scientist

How do scientists go from OMG to advanced degree? How do they turn their passion for science into their profession? What advice do they have for future scientists? 5th-12th grade students, parents and teachers are invited to join us for a lively conversation with an environmental scientist about their love for science. Registration on Zoom […]

Liquid Sunlight and Artificial Photosynthesis: The Future of Solar Materials

Learn about the promise and challenges of creating liquid fuels from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Scientists at Berkeley Lab’s Liquid Sunlight Alliance (LiSA) are working to overcome the technological and scientific challenges that stand in the way of fully realizing these eco-friendly sources of the fuels and materials that still underpin our economies. Researchers will […]

Natural Dyes: colors from water, chemistry, and the plants around

Plants have a long history of being used to make pigments. The plants used to make the colors, and the chemicals used to set the colors on the fabric have changed a lot over time and these changes were often connected to big events in human history. We will explain some of the ways natural […]

Biomimicry: Nature’s Design

Through an interactive presentation by The Energy Coalition, participants will learn about the concept of “Biomimicry: Nature’s Design.” Participants will apply engineering design skills through a creative project that identifies traits in their native flora and fauna, and use them as inspiration to design a new technology or enhance existing human technology. Participants will collaborate […]

STEM Careers & Society

This online event will highlight the interdisciplinarity of STEM careers and ultimately illustrate how science and society are profoundly interconnected in our world today. Now more than ever issues such as climate change and the COVID pandemic, to name a few, have demonstrated that scientific data must inform public policy, that proper government funding is […]

Axolotls and Hummingbirds: Animals of Mexico with KQED’s Deep Look

What do hummingbirds and axolotls have in common? They were both revered by Mexico’s ancient civilizations and have deep symbolism that has carried over into today’s modern world. Join Deep Look, KQED’s wildlife series about small animals and plants, for a special virtual screening exploring these two very unique creatures and meet scientists who study […]