Ask a Science Envoy: Robot Learning & Toad Navigation

Wonderfest Science Envoys are early-career researchers with special communication skills and aspirations. Join us for two engaging short talks on provocative modern science topics. Session 1:  Machine Learning in Robots Join UC Berkeley computer scientist Dr. Ellen Novoseller and learn how robots use machine learning algorithms to behave properly in uncertain surroundings. In this talk, […]

SOLD OUT: Exploring the Science of Gardening

Are you and your family interested in learning more about gardening? Join California State Parks at the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area Community Garden for a fun-filled, hands-on exploration of an urban community garden. Families will receive a deep dive into how science is used in all parts of gardening, from soil health to food […]

Augmented Reality California Trail Scavenger Hunt @ the Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo has a new offering – interactive augmented reality care of tech/learning company Agents of Discovery. Through this partnership we look to provide another level of engagement and learning on site. Guests will be given exclusive early access to this Agents of Discovery “Mission” and its “Challenges” before it launches to the general public. […]

Ask the Scientist

How do scientists go from OMG to advanced degree? How do they turn their passion for science into their profession? What advice do they have for future scientists? 5th-12th grade students, parents and teachers are invited to join us for a lively conversation with an environmental scientist about their love for science. Registration on Zoom […]

Virtual Tour of Recology San Francisco

Join us for an overview of Recology! Learn about our history, current programs, and what happens to the items placed in your curbside bins. While our facility is closed to the public, we still want to provide our community with the resources to continue recycling and composting properly and support individuals in making choices that […]

Liquid Sunlight and Artificial Photosynthesis: The Future of Solar Materials

Learn about the promise and challenges of creating liquid fuels from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Scientists at Berkeley Lab’s Liquid Sunlight Alliance (LiSA) are working to overcome the technological and scientific challenges that stand in the way of fully realizing these eco-friendly sources of the fuels and materials that still underpin our economies. Researchers will […]

Biomimicry: Nature’s Design

Through an interactive presentation by The Energy Coalition, participants will learn about the concept of “Biomimicry: Nature’s Design.” Participants will apply engineering design skills through a creative project that identifies traits in their native flora and fauna, and use them as inspiration to design a new technology or enhance existing human technology. Participants will collaborate […]

Water Rocket Rally

Blast into physics at the Hiller Aviation Museum Water Rocket Rally! Ideal for elementary-aged students (grades K-5), participants learn about Newton’s Third Law and examine a real rocket designed and built by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Then, everyone designs, constructs, and launches a water rocket made from a recycled soda bottle! Following the water rocket […]

Your immune system in health and disease

The human immune system is comprised of white blood cells and their cousins in various tissues. It fights off infections by viruses, microbes, and parasites, and is increasingly recognized for additional roles in causing, exacerbating, or preventing a wide variety of diseases — ranging from inflammatory bowel disease, allergy, asthma, and atherosclerosis to cancer and […]