Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton

Join the San Francisco Microscopical Society and an Education & Outreach Specialist for NOAA’s Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries on a Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton Exploration of San Francisco Bay. This virtual event will explore elements of biology, oceanography, and microscopy. We will use microscopy to highlight and share the beauty and […]

Axolotls and Hummingbirds: Animals of Mexico with KQED’s Deep Look

What do hummingbirds and axolotls have in common? They were both revered by Mexico’s ancient civilizations and have deep symbolism that has carried over into today’s modern world. Join Deep Look, KQED’s wildlife series about small animals and plants, for a special virtual screening exploring these two very unique creatures and meet scientists who study […]

Natural Dyes: colors from water, chemistry, and the plants around

Plants have a long history of being used to make pigments. The plants used to make the colors, and the chemicals used to set the colors on the fabric have changed a lot over time and these changes were often connected to big events in human history. We will explain some of the ways natural […]

Explore Physics at UC Berkeley

Find out what it’s like to study physics at UC Berkeley, what the world of research looks like, what the most interesting breakthroughs in physics have been, and get a personal overview of the community at UC Berkeley. Physics students will explain some interesting physics concepts, from quarks and subatomic particles to the universe and […]

Family Maker Friday

Join us for a free community family maker event for K-12 students and their families. There will be both high-tech and classic maker activities provided. Explore more with microcontrollers, vinyl cutters, cardboard, 3D printing, chain mail, duct tape, virtual reality, and more! Free exploration encouraged. Please note: A minimum of one adult per family or […]