STEM Storytime: Teen Inventors

April 23, 2022, 10:30 am -
11:00 am

Can teen science make a difference?

Yes, it can!

This virtual event recounts stories of real teen inventors and discoverers and what they did. Deepika used cement, a sunscreen ingredient, and sunlight to purify water for developing nations. Dasia devised sutures that change colors to save the lives of women. William taught himself the physics and engineering he needed to build a windmill to power an electrical pump to water crops during the dry season in his rural village.

These are stories of creativity, discovery, persistence, and determination to make a difference. A former middle school science teacher, Fred Estes, tells these stories and more. Where did their ideas come from? How did they go about their inventing and discovering? How did they overcome their roadblocks and problems? These are skills you can learn.

Come to listen and come to ask questions during this half hour virtual event.

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