After Dark: Dark Matter

How does our understanding of the origins of the universe continue to expand and evolve? What tools and theories continue to push our understanding into further realms? At After Dark: Dark Matter, we’ll hear from scientists and leaders whose work is at the forefront of cosmology and essential to forming and informing humans’ deepening grasp […]

Water Rocket Rally

Blast into physics at the Hiller Aviation Museum Water Rocket Rally! Ideal for elementary-aged students (grades K-5), participants learn about Newton’s Third Law and examine a real rocket designed and built by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Then, everyone designs, constructs, and launches a water rocket made from a recycled soda bottle! Following the water rocket […]

SOLD OUT: Introduction to Rocketry

Come meet UC Berkeley’s premier rocketry team, Space Technologies and Rocketry (STAR), and learn about the fundamentals of rocketry and engineering as you take a journey to space! Our presentation will explain the types of physical forces rockets and space shuttles experience and well as how the different components on the rocket help it fly. […]

Starship Reality-check: The Science of Deep Space Travel

The stars beckon. But humans evolved to survive on Earth, not to hurtle through space. For long-duration travel – interplanetary and, even, interstellar – what spacecraft accommodations are necessary? Is on-board human hibernation an option? Might we overcome the problems of space radiation and prolonged weightlessness? Finally, scientists may argue that the ideal craft for […]