Wildfire From Space

Join the KQED Climate desk for an immersive look at the startling spread of wildfires using satellite imagery from Planet Labs to show us what happens before and after a burn and understand its patterns. Learn how the latest in satellite technology helps agencies and communities mitigate the threat of fires and manage emergency response […]

Forests in Focus

Watch science unfold on screen through the lens of filmmaking in California woodlands. Ecology is progressing in new directions thanks to modern observational tools — allowing scientists to see, study, and protect the environment. Join the Science Communication Lab’s team and guests for a screening and discussion of their award-winning short film “A Walk in […]

Changing Shorelines and the Future of San Francisco

San Francisco’s shoreline has changed dramatically over the centuries and continues to change today. Join a California State Parks Interpreter as we take a walk through the history of south San Francisco’s shoreline and explore how our shorelines have shifted due to both natural phenomenon and human activity. You’ll have the chance to trace the […]

Liquid Sunlight and Artificial Photosynthesis: The Future of Solar Materials

Learn about the promise and challenges of creating liquid fuels from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Scientists at Berkeley Lab’s Liquid Sunlight Alliance (LiSA) are working to overcome the technological and scientific challenges that stand in the way of fully realizing these eco-friendly sources of the fuels and materials that still underpin our economies. Researchers will […]

Building Climate Resilience in the Bay Area

The Save the Bay habitat restoration team grows 30-40,000 native plants every year to restore tidal marsh around the Bay Area with two nurseries where the magic happens. Join us for a virtual behind-the-scenes tour of our nurseries and take a look at the life cycle of one of our native tidal marsh species. Then, […]