Interactive tour at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

As part of Stanford’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory’s 60th anniversary this year, we will be offering two engaging hour-long virtual tours that will cover some of SLAC’s history, facilities and sciences that address discoveries and solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. During the tour, the attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the tour guides in […]

Liquid Sunlight and Artificial Photosynthesis: The Future of Solar Materials

Learn about the promise and challenges of creating liquid fuels from sunlight and carbon dioxide. Scientists at Berkeley Lab’s Liquid Sunlight Alliance (LiSA) are working to overcome the technological and scientific challenges that stand in the way of fully realizing these eco-friendly sources of the fuels and materials that still underpin our economies. Researchers will […]

Bird Scavenger Hunt

Join the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO) for a Bird Scavenger Hunt! Anytime during the Bay Area Science Festival, from April 21 to 30, get outside and observe birds around you! Because observation is an important part of science, we’ll challenge you to find certain birds and observe their behavior. All you need to […]

Biomimicry: Nature’s Design

Through an interactive presentation by The Energy Coalition, participants will learn about the concept of “Biomimicry: Nature’s Design.” Participants will apply engineering design skills through a creative project that identifies traits in their native flora and fauna, and use them as inspiration to design a new technology or enhance existing human technology. Participants will collaborate […]

Defeating Neurodegeneration: Virtual Career Panel and Tour

Join our diverse panel of Denali Scientists, as they discuss their journey from student to industry professional. Learn about how they chose their career paths and what majors, interests, and/or life factors influenced their way to a career in drug discovery/development for brain diseases. Experience a virtual lab tour of Denali Therapeutics, taking a sneak […]

STEM Careers & Society

This online event will highlight the interdisciplinarity of STEM careers and ultimately illustrate how science and society are profoundly interconnected in our world today. Now more than ever issues such as climate change and the COVID pandemic, to name a few, have demonstrated that scientific data must inform public policy, that proper government funding is […]

Dancing Radiation Robot!

In this virtual tour, we will provide a sneak peek of the UCSF Radiation Oncology Department. We will demonstrate a robotic-based linear accelerator used for radiation treatment of cancer and show how it delivers radiation (and dances)! What does a medical physicist do? What are their roles in radiology and oncology at hospitals? And how […]

Axolotls and Hummingbirds: Animals of Mexico with KQED’s Deep Look

What do hummingbirds and axolotls have in common? They were both revered by Mexico’s ancient civilizations and have deep symbolism that has carried over into today’s modern world. Join Deep Look, KQED’s wildlife series about small animals and plants, for a special virtual screening exploring these two very unique creatures and meet scientists who study […]

Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton

Join the San Francisco Microscopical Society and an Education & Outreach Specialist for NOAA’s Greater Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries on a Marvelous Microscopic Marine Plankton Exploration of San Francisco Bay. This virtual event will explore elements of biology, oceanography, and microscopy. We will use microscopy to highlight and share the beauty and […]

Nanotechnology and Engineering for Medicine

Join us for a virtual tour of a UCSF Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences lab where researchers use nanoscale technologies to create new and improved ways to deliver medicine to target sites in the body and to enable the body to heal itself. The Desai Lab tackles important challenges in biomedicine, including research on diseases such […]