Changing Shorelines and the Future of San Francisco

San Francisco’s shoreline has changed dramatically over the centuries and continues to change today. Join a California State Parks Interpreter as we take a walk through the history of south San Francisco’s shoreline and explore how our shorelines have shifted due to both natural phenomenon and human activity. You’ll have the chance to trace the […]

Building Climate Resilience in the Bay Area

The Save the Bay habitat restoration team grows 30-40,000 native plants every year to restore tidal marsh around the Bay Area with two nurseries where the magic happens. Join us for a virtual behind-the-scenes tour of our nurseries and take a look at the life cycle of one of our native tidal marsh species. Then, […]

Starship Reality-check: The Science of Deep Space Travel

The stars beckon. But humans evolved to survive on Earth, not to hurtle through space. For long-duration travel – interplanetary and, even, interstellar – what spacecraft accommodations are necessary? Is on-board human hibernation an option? Might we overcome the problems of space radiation and prolonged weightlessness? Finally, scientists may argue that the ideal craft for […]

Oh Behave! Changing the Way We React to Bias & Discrimination

Can we really tackle bias and discrimination? Dive into the research with Asst. Professor Eason, UC Berkeley Psychologist, to demystify why prejudice and bias have persisted for so long. Understand the impacts of our “representational landscapes”, such as why folks like Native Americans and queer people get left out of our national narratives or how […]