Developing COVID-19 Solutions from the Ground Up!

For this event, swissnex San Francisco brings together a Swiss and American organization that collaborate with Universities and citizens to find solutions for locally specific problems arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. This event connects the Swiss hackathon scene to a local Stanford University initiative, focusing the discussion around how citizens can participate in and create […]

Build a Fiber Optic Flashlight

Learn basic circuitry and optical fibers with San Francisco Public Library To Go Science Kit. Use the kit materials to build a fun fiber optic flashlight. In partnership with the San Francisco Public Library and Bay Area Science Festival features an illuminating science project for family to try out at home. Learn basic electricity and […]

A Very Spine-Tingling Spider Screening with KQED’s Deep Look

KQED’s DEEP LOOK science video series team presents a special 10th Anniversary Bay Area Science Festival virtual screening and discussion! Join us for a screening of three of DEEP LOOK’s most spine-tingling spider episodes: Secrets of The Orb Weaver; Turret Spiders’ Tiny Towers of Terror; and The Dating Lives of Black Widows. You’ll hear from […]

Cultural Tax: The Cost of Being the Only or the Few

What’s the price you pay when you walk into a room? For Black STEM students and professionals – as well as individuals from other underrepresented groups – there’s a cost to entering the classroom, lab, conference, and more. Tyrone Poster, principal investigator at Boston University, has paid this tax on countless occasions in his STEM […]