Share the Night Sky: listen to an audio recording of this event below (radio only)

San Francisco’s “Urban Astronomer” Paul Salazar will join DJ Marilynn at radio station KPOO to broadcast and stream a guided tour of the glorious night sky. With Paul’s radio and live-stream Internet audio guidance, Bay Area residents will collectively view the setting Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn, as Mars, the Pleiades star cluster, and the Andromeda […]

Coding Club with the Raspberry Pi Foundation

From the Bay Area Science Festival 2020: Thursday, October 22, 2020, 4:00 pm We’re excited to run a virtual coding club this year where young people ages 7-17 can code and explore technology in a fun and social environment. This is a great opportunity to connect as a community in a fun space for kids […]

Lunch Break Science

Have you ever wondered why humans need to be social? How science can help us become healthier? What is it like to study primates in the wild? Grab your lunch and join The Leakey Foundation for Lunch Break Science. We will explore these and many more questions with Leakey Foundation scientists, followed by Q&A with […]

A Very Spine-Tingling Spider Screening with KQED’s Deep Look

KQED’s DEEP LOOK science video series team presents a special 10th Anniversary Bay Area Science Festival virtual screening and discussion! Join us for a screening of three of DEEP LOOK’s most spine-tingling spider episodes: Secrets of The Orb Weaver; Turret Spiders’ Tiny Towers of Terror; and The Dating Lives of Black Widows. You’ll hear from […]