the Bay Area's scientific wonders

April 21-30, 2022

Explore the role of science, engineering, and technology locally & in the world.

what is the BASF?

The Bay Area Science Festival brings together STEM role models, families, youth and adults to experience the wonder of science.

The Science & Health Education Partnership at UCSF is pleased to organize the Bay Area Science Festival in collaboration with Bay Area universities, museums, cultural institutions, libraries, corporations, after-school groups, research labs and government agencies.

Are you a supertaster?

Supertasters have inherited a dominant variant of the TAS2R38 gene, which can create a heightened sense of taste (causing some foods to taste especially bitter!) Attendees at Merck's booths got to experiment with DNA strips to determine whether or not they have the SUPERTASTER gene!

Thank you to our sponsor, @merck, for joining us at this year's Discovery Day at Oracle Park!

It was a zoo at Discovery Day at Oracle Park this year: A Robot Zoo, that is! 🤖

At the Robot Zoo, attendees got to explore amazing machines of ALL shapes and sizes - some that could play catch, dance and be raced around a track.

Thanks for joining us @abbvie to create this amazing exhibition!

Can you name this experiment?!

At this year's Discovery Day, @cloroxco brought mentos + Coca Cola and shared with us the amazing eruption that takes place when the candies are dropped into the soda! This scientific experiment is always a ton of fun and excitement - thank you to sponsor @cloroxco for joining us for the 2022 Bay Area Science Festival!


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