Use the information below to help your school, after-school program, PTA group, etc. learn more about the Bay Area Science Festival.

Please see below for Flyers to share with your school.

COVID-19 resulted in a unique set of challenges for educators. The Festival is a fantastic and easy way to inspire students and support your curriculum with accessible and unique science experiences, hosted by STEM role models. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed!

Find everything teachers and youth-serving organizations need to engage with the Bay Area Science Festival.  Download and share a flyer  or electronic postcard with your  students, teachers or colleagues.  Discover Festival events for K-12 teachers and students.

Descargue el folleto del evento (en español) aquí

Download the Event Flyer (in Spanish)  Here

Download the Event Flyer (in English)  Here

Download the Event Flyer (In Chinese) Here

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