Tour the UC Berkeley Natural History Museums

Why do we need natural history museum collections? The millions of specimens contained in the six natural history museums at UC Berkeley have provided the building blocks of data from which scores of researchers have described new species, unraveled complicated kinships among organisms, and discovered how organisms evolve and adapt to their environments. Go behind the scenes in the Essig Entomology Museum, the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, and the Jepson and University Herbaria to discover amazing treasures of biodiversity.

Exploring the Path of Cancer in Human Cells

Discover what it’s like to be a molecular biologist at UCSF and the Gladstone Institutes. We invite you to join us for a lab tour hosted by the Cancer Cell Map Initiative where you get to learn how we make maps of cells and explore the effects of cancer mutations in human cells. Look at these cells through a microscope and get your gloves wet!

Brains on Video Games

Neuroscape is a translational neuroscience center at UCSF engaged in both development and research to advance cutting-edge technologies as novel brain assessment and optimization tools. We also support the neuroscience efforts of others by providing unique, state-of-the-art development studios and research facilities to drive the rapid translation of neuroscience into real-world solutions. Take a peek inside our center to see how video games are being developed to support treatment of brain disorders such as ADHD, Autism, Depression.

Paleontology & Geology at New Brighton State Beach

Discover 5 million year old marine fossils at New Brighton State Beach in Capitola! On this 90 minute field trip you will find and learn about fossil clams, snails, and whales!