Where is the Bay Area Science Festival?

The Festival is all around the San Francisco Bay Area!

The Bay Area Science Festival is more than 50 events over 9 days! We work with STEM organizations across the San Francisco Bay Area with the goal of providing quality science experiences to all Bay Area residents.

To see a full listing of events in your area, check out all of the Festival Calendar!

What are Discovery Days?

Discovery Days are the Bay Area Science Festival’s hands-on science extravaganzas for families. All Discovery Days are FREE and open to all.  Each year over 150 exhibitors participate offering non-stop, experiments, interactive games and activities, live entertainment and encounters with live and unique animals and specimens.  There are multiple Discovery Days each year, one in the North Bay, one in the East Bay and one in San Francisco’s Oracle Park.

Interested in exhibiting at Discovery Days?  Go to the Exhibitor Information to get started.

Is the Science Festival free?

Most of the Bay Area Science Festival events are free! We strongly believe that much of the Science Festival programming should be available free of charge and that these programs are the perfect opportunity for local scientists and engineers to interact with the public.

Certain events have a fee associated with them…
Some events do have a fee – this will always be noted on the event site.

Discovery Days are free for the public to attend.  But in order to make the Festival sustainable year after year, we ask that Discovery Day exhibitors pay a small fee to help cover the costs of tenting, equipment, permitting, and security. If the cost of participation is prohibitive, we offer a free space to non-profit organizations that participate in or host another festival event.

How many people have attended the BASF in the past?

With over 50 events from Santa Rosa to San Jose, BASF reaches more than 60,000 people each year.

In 2018, the BASF’s  Discovery Day at AT&T park drew more than 30,000 people,  Cal State East Bay at Concord drew 2,000, and North Bay drew 10,000 participants.

Exhibitors: when preparing for the event, be sure to plan to serve a large audience.  Typically 500 people will visit any one booth during the course of a Discovery Day event.  We ask that all exhibitors provide adequate staffing and materials to manage a crowd of this size.

What happens if it rains?

Almost all events are Rain or Shine. If there are clouds or rain, we will continue the event, unless it is determined that the event might become dangerous (due to severe weather) in which case the event will be cancelled.

How do I become a Festival Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Bay Area Science Festival!

Please visit our Volunteer information page and fill out the Volunteer Application Form to be added to our contact list for volunteering.

Volunteer opportunities will become available in the fall. Please note that we require volunteers to be age 16+.

How do I become a Festival Sponsor?

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities and exhibit options.  Please contact us at sponsor@bayareasciencefestival.org or 415-502-5137 for more information.

I am a teacher, what opportunities are there for my students?

The Bay Area Science Festival seeks participation by every Bay Area resident, especially K-12 students & teachers! We have found that K-12 teachers are integral partners and have had a significant impact on the festival’s success.

We have multiple opportunities for teachers and students. We invite science clubs or students from local middle and high schools to join us (with their teacher advisor or another responsible adult) by hosting a booth at the one of Bay Area Science Festival’s Discovery Days events.  We’ve had teams of students from Bay Area schools exhibiting robots, biotechnology activities and other great science activities.

Additionally, please let your students and their families know about the Discovery Day events – they are perfect for children and their families.  Visit our Educator Resources Page and Discovery Days page to find out more.

Discovery Day Flyers 

Please help spread the word about the festival throughout your school and neighborhood. Over 40% of last year’s attendees at Discovery Days found out about the event through school!

Classroom flyers and postcards are available now. Feel free to request printed postcards for your classroom at: info@bayareasciencefestival.org

How do I become an exhibitor, performer or submit an idea for an event?

If you have a specific project to propose for the festival, please get in touch with us at events@bayareasciencefestival.org.

If you would like to be an exhibitor at one of our Discovery Day events, please fill out the call for Exhibitors Application.  Every exhibit/activity will be reviewed for safety and science content by a festival committee. Terms and conditions for participation will be available at the portal site.

Exhibitor Registration opens mid-June 2019!

File your exhibitor form as soon as possible to reserve your space!

What is included with Discovery Days Exhibit Space?

Included with Exhibit Space 

  • Exhibitor listing on the Bay Area Science Festival website**
  • Exhibitor listing on onsite Discovery Day Guide/Map**
  • 10’x10’ tent with 3 sidewalls (if desired), with with 6’ table and 2 chairs if on field at Oracle Park
  •  6’x8’ space with 6’ table and 2chairs if on Promenade/Club Level at Oracle Park
  •  8’ table with 2 chairs per 10’ exhibit area at North Bay/East Bay
  • Banner with your organization’s name

110V outlet (20 amp circuit, not dedicated)***

**Inclusion based on receipt of exhibitor’s materials no later than September 13, 2019.

*** Available only upon request. Additional charges may apply. Request needs to be submitted by September 13, 2019.

Available for additional fees

Additional power requirements

Outdoor space available at all three Discovery Days. With permission, pop-up tents are allowed.

Please contact us with any special requirements/permits needed.

Why is there a fee associated with Exhibitor participation?

An event of this scale and magnitude involves many costs (including but not limited to: rental fee for the ballpark or fairground, permitting fees, equipment rentals and printing of banners, postcards, flyers and more). The exhibitor fee allows us to recoup some of these costs so that the Festival can be sustained year after year. We are aware that these costs may prohibit participation for some exhibitors and we would like to work with all groups to make entry possible.  If the cost of participation is prohibitive, please reach out to us.

I represent a large organization that will have many exhibits Discovery Days. Do I need to fill out the Exhibitor registration application more than once?

Yes – be sure to complete an entry for each of the spaces/activities your organization will have at Discovery Days.

Do you have an information page just for Exhibitors?

Yes, actually we have two!  Please visit our Exhibitor Information page, for registration information and deadlines, and visit our Exhibitor Toolkit page with key resources for exhibitors.

I know that Exhibitor registration opens in June, but when does it close?

The deadline to register as an exhibitor is September 27, 2019. We strongly advise, as space is limited, that you sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your spot and your activity.

What if another group has a similar booth activity to the one we hope to provide?

Our exhibit team screens each application to ensure that we have limited repeat activities. We will work with any groups involved to identify new activities if needed.

Is there anything else we should consider before registering as an exhibitor?

Yes! Be sure to visit our Exhibitor Tips and our Exhibitor Toolkit page to get more tips to make a great booth activity and be sure to watch video from our friends at the Philadelphia Science Festival. It’s just five minutes long and will provide some really helpful tips that will be useful in developing your exhibitor space.

How can I find out about events in my area?

As the festival approaches we will have both the Festival Calendar, with the full schedule of events, and the Program Guide, with further details about the events,  available for viewing on our website.  Check back as we get closer to the start of the Festival.

How do I find out more about how my organization can collaborate on an event for the Bay Area Science Festival?

Working together, we can develop events to encourage conversations, inspire curiosity and reach new audiences, all as we highlight the Bay Area’s rich assets in research and innovation.    Visit our Collaborator Toolkit page and download our Collaborator Guide and visit our Event and Explorer Tour page to find out more.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us:

General Information

For general inquiries:
info@bayareasciencefestival.org or 415-502-6689.